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Successful planning requires planning for success

26th Nov 2012

The Government appear to have shot themselves in both feet with their hoped-for simplification of the planning regulations and recent dispensation to increase the size of any home extensions.

“Everything is geared towards deregulation but nothing has been thought-through sufficiently well enough” said Richard Henley, Preston Bennett’s Director of Land, Planning & Development. “Instead of speeding up the planning process, it has created a greater bottle-neck by the inherent uncertainty stemming from allowing individual Local Authorities to interpret the new regulations as they see fit.


“No two Local Authorities have the same view on many of the new regulations with Planning submissions now taking up to 36 weeks to be approved, rather than the 13 or so weeks previously experienced!


“The cost cuts imposed on Local Authorities have not only meant them reducing the number of technical staff processing these submissions, but also they can no longer afford to refer submissions to Appeal  -and so it goes on.”


Fortunately Preston Bennett have a good track-record with our Local Authorities  - mainly Harrow and Hertsmere – and have a history of preparing Planning submissions which would give them little cause for concern. Our track record in gaining successful planning applications – especially for our developer clients - is probably unrivalled in the area.


The Land, Planning & Development department is now in its 10th year and we are currently recruiting for a new Planner to keep pace with our success.


For more details on how the Land, Planning & Development team can help you with future planning or land-related issues, please call 020 8954 7733 or e-mail:

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