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With the encouragement of the Prince of Wales, Preston Bennett are creating a wild flower haven at Mill Hill Circus for all to enjoy

25th Oct 2012

We are taking our sponsorship of the Mill Hill Circus roundabout on the A41 very seriously indeed. So much so, that we have taken the initiative, together with Transport for London and the London Wildlife Trust (Barnet Group), to enhance the environment by creating a wild flower haven on the roundabout.

“We wanted to create something that would add to the environment and the exciting plans for replanting trees and wildflowers will be seen in their full glory from next  Spring,” said Sue Fisher, M.D. of Preston Bennett. “A survey of the roundabout discovered that there were 22 different species of wild flowers growing on the island, so we are confident that our on-going management plan for the roundabout will be successful.”

This will be the second roundabout within Greater London to be so enhanced – the first one being the Hogarth Roundabout at Hammersmith on the A4, which was replanted 2 years ago.

 “HRH The Prince of Wales drove by the Hogarth roundabout and was so taken by its attractive appearance that he wrote to us suggesting that they we should consider doing more of the same,” said Phil Hurst of Transport for London.

So, Preston Bennett agreed to be sponsors to fund the work on the Mill Hill Circus roundabout for planting, upkeep and on-going maintenance. Work has already started - Transport for London have cut down a dead tree, removed dead grass, added new earth, treated with herbicide and seeded.  It is hoped that two new native species of tree – a larch and a silver birch will also be planted. The curbage has been raised and the edges of the roundabout will be planted with crocuses. It will also provide an important haven for wildlife – especially bees, butterflies and other insects.

Vice-Chair of the London Wildlife Trust (Barnet Group), Clive Cohen, is absolutely delighted: “For a number of years have been trying to get the roundabout managed in a better manner and are exceptionally pleased that Preston Bennett have been happy to fund this initiative.  By creating a better environment, it will have a great effect on people’s outlook as well as saving the local Council money by their not needing to cut the grass and verges as often.”

So, thanks to Preston Bennett, by next Spring the Mill Hill Circus roundabout will become even more of a local landmark, with a colourful carpet of wild flowers providing a highly attractive local visual amenity.

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